By Louis Klemantaski

Hailed by connoisseurs as 'one of the greatest motor racing photographers ever', Louis Klemantaski practically invented the art of photographing cars. His career was launched by photographing cars at Brooklands and selling printes to the drivers. From 1936 till the outbreak of war he covered all the main English motor racing events. His photograph buiness survived half a century of changing fashions and technological advances, flourishing well into the eighties.

Klemantaski Himself†is Louisís account of his somewhat eccentric rise to fame and his long association with motor sports, told with great wit and gentle self-deprecation. His oeuvre was extraordinary, not only for its aesthetic quality, but also for its diversity. In selecting the photographs for his memoirs, Klemantaski drew on every field of his photographic work, collected here together for the first time. Klemantaski Himself will be of great interest and incalculable historical value to motor racing enthusiasts and lovers of photography alike.

Himself Edition,††measures 290mm x 240mm, is 400 pages long and contains 300 photographs, jacketed in a French fold.

Portfolio Edition,†a limited edition of†numbered copies of†Klemantaski Himself, signed by the Author, together with a limited edition of numbered and signed copies of a portfolio featuring 70 of the Author's favourite photographs, each individually tipped in. The two volumes are presented together in a slipcase.



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