The Illustrated Lancia

by Nigel Trow

If Fiats are for the masses and Alfas for sportsmen, then Lancias have always been cars for the connoisseur. Lancias were never built with much thought to cost or any notion of compromise and it is this obsession with engineering perfection that has fascinated enthusiasts for over 90 years.

Lancia historian Nigel Trow explores the marque’s turbulent history with commentary on the culture of the company and the personalities and events that shaped it, setting its fluctuating fortunes in the context of two world wars and the changes in Italian society and car manufacture. He has suffused his text with a brilliant combination of photographs, drawings, illustrations, advertisements and brochures depicting all the road cars from Alfa to the Diàgolos, the commercial and military vehicles, race and rally cars and prototypes that together make up a unique account of Lancia’s attention to detail, aesthetic awareness and sheer creative genius.

The Illustrated Lancia measures 288mm x 270mm, and is 298 pages long with over 520 photographs. It is available in three editions.


“It is beautifully – and expensively – presented, it is superbly written, and it is a wonderful précis of the great Turin marque.”CLASSIC & SPORTSCAR

“Good writing blends with admirable pictures to make it an enjoyable read and a useful history.”THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Wherever you open the book, the stylishly laid out, superbly reproduced photography and illustrations seduce immediately, as does Trow’s fairly formal but chattily informative prose.” – CLASSIC CARS