The Atlas of Rare Pheasants

by Keith Howman

In the tradition of the great Victorian monographs, this superb two-volume Atlas contains original paintings of the 48 species plus hand painted maps with individual overlays on bird distribution. Volume I of the Atlas covers 24 of the 48 species of the pheasant family and Volume II covers the remaining members of the family.

Each book measures 415mm x 385m, is 248 pages in length and contains 24 hand painted maps, with overlays showing pheasant distribution, and 25 prints of paintings of pheasants.

Each clothbound edition is limited to 202 numbered copies bound in buckram cloth, one green and one red, and presented in a matching slipcase. On the front cover is an engraving of a stylised Reeves’s pheasant blocked in gold, silver and black.

Each leatherbound edition is limited to 48 copies signed by the author and the artist, each fine bound by hand in leather. The book is decorated in a variety of brown leather onlays in the form of a stylised Reeves’s pheasant. The book is presented in a buckram felt-lined presentation box together with an etching, painted by the artist. Each bird painting is tipped in by hand.

All editions of the book are now sold out.


“It is unquestionably the finest book on pheasants that we have seen this century.”GAME BIRD AND CONSERVATIONISTS’ GAZETTE