The Aston Martin DB3S Sports Car

by Chris Nixon

Only 31 examples of the DB3S were ever built, but it became a favourite car of all who drove it – its voluptuous lines remain a mobile monument to the glory days of British sports car racing.

The first volume of this two-book set traces the history of the car from its inception as the DB3 to its transformation into the DB3S and subsequent production for sale to a limited public, and details the global racing history of the factory cars from 1953 to 1957.

The second book contains the exhaustively researched history of each of the thirty-one cars built by the factory, revealing some remarkable facts and anecdotes, with several surprises in store for all Aston lovers and DB3S enthusiasts in particular.

The work includes 590 photographs, with each of the cars that still exist photographed in colour, mostly by Richard Newton. Also included is a series of paintings by Jeremy Dickinson of the various 3S body styles and a full colour,  fold-out cutaway drawing of 63EMU (DB3S/7) by Tony Matthews.