Sixties Motor Racing

by Paul Parker with a foreword by Nick Mason and photography by Michael Cooper

Sixties Motor Racing isn’t just about cars – it is also about people. Michael Cooper wasn’t merely an observer of the F1 scene of the day but became, as his reputation grew, part of its very fabric and a friend to the most celebrated drivers of the day. This book brings together a decade-long body of his work – 390 photographs, many never before seen, from his personal collection. His pictures capture the characters and moods of the likes of Moss, Hill, Clark, Stewart and many other legendary names in a host of revealing studies, both on and off-duty.

Paul Parker’s year-by-year narrative, along with over 165 lifestyle images from the sixties, puts Michael Cooper’s pictures into the social, political and cultural context of what may regard as motor racing’s golden era.

Available in six editions, the book measures 325mm x 325mm and is 446 pages in length.


“A definitive book of motor racing during the sixties – name a driver, he’ll be there, think of a race, it will be shown, look for a car, you’ll find it.”THOROUGHBRED & CLASSIC CAR MAGAZINE