by Bernd Holthusen

Lagonda combines an accurate history with over 900 of the best photographs of Lagondas you are ever likely to see (three-quarters of them pre-war and many previously unpublished).

The book measures 365mm x 300mm and is 426 pages long, with 745 black & white photographs printed in duotone and 241 colour photographs. It is presented in two limited numbered editions. The clothbound edition is accompanied by slipcase and limited to 500 numbered copies. The handbound leather edition is limited to 50 numbered copies with a Lagonda logo foil blocked on the front and signed by the author.

All editions of the book are now sold out.


“Its detail, depth and presentation are stunning, and you’re soon captivated by the Lagonda story. Pictures make this book, with 745 archive photos alone. It gives a fascinating insight into racing in the Twenties and Thirties, as well as studying how the cars were made. Reprints of original road tests, handbooks and build manuals add to the comprehensive coverage. Exclusive, brilliantly put together, highly desirable and expensive – but that doesn’t stop you wanting one.”AUTO EXPRESS

“We have become accustomed to ‘coffee table’ books with magnificent pictures but with sketchy or virtually non-existent text. Bernd’s book is nothing like that. It goes a lot further and combines a factually accurate history with the best photographs of Lagonda you are ever likely to see, three-quarters of them pre-war and many never before published.”ARNOLD DAVEY, PRESIDENT OF THE LAGONDA CLUB, FROM THE FOREWORD OF THE BOOK