Bentley Continental Saloon

by Christian Hueber and David Sulzberger

Bentley Continental Sports Saloon is a unique book about an exceptional car comprising 400 pages, measuring 290mm x 240mm and containing over 350 colour and black & white photographs, illustrations and drawings, many never before published.

The original goal had been to update Stanley Sedgwick’s 1978 work, however the sheer volume of new information, including original factory records, coachbuilders drawings and photographs, carried this project far beyond the initial concept. Tracing the existence and ownership of all 208 Continentals was a massive project and nearly all the cars, 204 to be exact, have been accounted for.

All the Continentals have been individually researched in much greater detail than previously possible, including individual ownership histories, unique chassis and coachwork specifications, and photographic records.

The resulting book contains the most comprehensive history to date of the origins, design, development, testing and production of these cars.

The Standard edition was limited to just 150 copies, bound in black buckram cloth with gold foil blocking on the front and spine and encased in a black buckram cloth slipcase with gold foil blocking. The Owners’ edition was limited to 208 copies, each with a chassis number corresponding to an original car. It included a clothbound portfolio containing 20 facsimile copies of coachbuilders’ drawings, plus a copy of the Register. A handbound Solander box to house all aspects of the Owners’ edition was also available separately, covered in black buckram cloth and felt-lined, with a replica chassis plate to adorn the front of the box, engraved with the Owners’ chassis number.

The Standard and Owners’ editions of Bentley Continental Sports Saloon have sold out. Copies of The Continental Register are still available to purchase. This practical book is packed full of accurate information on each and every car with full specifications and detail, replicating the information at the back of Bentley Continental Sports Saloon in a handy portable format.


“Authoritative, certainly, but also a beautifully-crafted possession in its own right – something to cherish and savour, to dip into only with clean hands and, possibly, a decent single malt beside you.”OCTANE