Aston Martin Ulster
Survivors and the Fittest

by Alan Archer with Jeffery and Stephen Archer

This beautifully designed and illustrated book traces the history of the Aston Martin Company from its humble beginnings in 1914 up to the point when the Ulster was produced twenty years later. It describes the many successes, failures and perils of the Company and the characters who managed to ensure its sometimes improbable survival. At the same time, it describes how the Ulster evolved from the earlier models and how the desire for competition success was both a driving force and a financial burden that nearly ruined the company.

Just thirty-one Ulsters were built between 1934 and 1935. Two of them lasted just months and were then re-built and re-numbered as fresh cars, whilst one car disappeared without a trace in 1939. All twenty-eight remaining Ulsters have survived to this day and their whereabouts are well known. Over two-thirds of the book is dedicated to the histories of these survivors. One by one they are described in great detail, supported by comprehensive photographs, both old and recent, with the theme of motorsport ever-present. The most significant sports car races of 1934 and 1935 (notably Le Mans 24 Hours and the Tourist Trophy) are also covered and illustrated by many fascinating and revealing images. In total there are over 530 outstanding photographs and illustrations, a large number of which have not been published before, including remarkable photographs from the 1930s.


“The book is truly impressive … I felt I was unwrapping a gift, a glorious present … it is a family heirloom to be passed down for enjoyment by future generations.” JAMES W. HAZEN, THE VANTAGE POINT

“Yet another quite superb production from Palawan, it serves not only as the definitive work on the model, but also as a lasting tribute to Archers père et fils.”CLASSIC DRIVER

“Lavish and beautiful … fastidiously researched content.”CLASSIC CAR