Aston Martin – The Compleat Car

by Alan Archer, Neil Murray, Ted Cutting and Richard Williams

A book of reference and of beauty – an illustrated history of the Aston Martin, featuring over 500 photographs.

The clothbound edition was limited to 1500 copies, enclosed in a slipcase. The final copies were rebound, either in Switzerland, employing a  much-improved quality of cloth both for the book and slipcase, or by The Wyvern Bindery, who rebound 10 copies in Morocco leather and encased the book in a silver buckram dropback Solander box. All printed labels were replaced with foil blocking.

All of the editions are now sold out.


“The publishing equivalent of a bespoke suit … so gorgeous you don’t know whether to read it or sleep with it.”PERFORMANCE CAR

“All the right authors – Alan Archer and Neil Murray on pre- and post-war cars, Ted Cutting on team cars … Richard Williams on AMR1 – while the layout and Richard Newton’s photography are exceptional, lovingly illustrating every road and race type and special from Bamford and Martin days up to DB7.”MOTOR SPORT

“The Compleat Car is an indulgence for anyone who adores Aston Martins, or who loves beautiful car books … few other car books have ever covered so much ground so well.” PAUL HORREL, CAR MAGAZINE

“You don’t need to be a car buff to appreciate Palawan Press’s first limited-edition title – but it helps. This definitive illustrated history of the Aston Martin is even more exclusive than the car is depicts.”ROGER BELL, THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

“It is complete, and it is beautiful … a pleasure to read.”MOTOR SPORT

“This must be the ultimate gift for the Aston owner … it compares well to fine art limited editions, and that is clearly the market to which it aspires.”CLASSIC & SPORTSCAR

“For the Aston enthusiast [this book] will be book of the year. Indeed I would go so far as to say the book of a lifetime.”AM MAGAZINE