By Neil Murray

During the ten years following the publication of Aston Martin - The Compleat Car Aston Martin were very active, producing many new models under the ownership of the Ford Motor Company. More carswere sold in the Ford era than in all of the preceding years.

It therefore seemed appropriate to publish a new book looking at the whole history of the company and its cars, bringing the story up to date. Over 700 photographswerechosen, the bulk of these either commissioned by us from Richard Newton or selected from Brian Joscelyne's extraordinary archive, mostly colour and never seen before.

Neil Murray has written a new history, using the sound scholarship of Aston Martin - The Compleat Car, but expanding and improving on the original. On Aston Martin is intended to be the reference book, telling the story of the company, the production and special-bodied cars, pre and post war motor racing and showing the differences between all the models as they evolved. Richard Loveys has prepared a lengthy overview of Aston Martin model cars that features almost 40 photographs.

Some 750 photographs and 100,000 words of text have been assembled into a monster book of over 500 pages,measuring 350mm x 350mm.

It is presented in two limited editions of just 600 numbered copies.



An edition of only 500 copies, numbered 1 500, it is bound in buckram cloth with foil blocking on the front and spine. The book is encased in a buckram cloth slipcase, also foil blocked on the spine.


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An edition of just 100 copies, numbered 1 � 100, it is bound in Moroccan leather with foil blocking on the front and spine. The book is contained within a dropback solander box, and features a plaque on the front, engraved with your book number.

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