Stephen Archer & Richard A. Candee

If Aston Martin is defined by its Grand Touring cars – high-speed, long-distance vehicles which are also highly capable on the race track – then the DB4GT is arguably the most significant car to live up to that definition in the marque’s 103-year history.

It is the epitome of the GT car. Comfortable for two, it has few frills and a level of luxury that any gentleman driver would desire for everyday driving. Yet, it’s also capable of heart-stopping performance and superb handling on racetracks around the world.

The DB4GT not only symbolises the heyday of the road and race GT era, but also has an illustrious history with racing success in the hands of some of the true greats, such as Moss, Hill and Clark. Indeed, the DB4GT won its debut race in 1959.   

The book examines in detail the history of every DB4GT manufactured, as well as design and development of the car, and tells of the brilliance of the craftsmen involved in producing it.

The Aston Martin DB4GT is 544 pages of exquisite design, comprising 850 photos and illustrations, and measuring 340x290mm.

In true Palawan tradition, this is the finest tribute to one of the very best British cars ever made and should be a treasured volume on the bookshelf of any aficionado of sporting cars.

About the authors

STEPHEN ARCHER is a writer, business and economic analyst and management consultant. He is well versed in the world of Aston Martin and writes about Aston Martins for Vantage Magazine. Stephen authored Palawan’s Zagato book in 1998.

RICHARD CANDEE has a career in business to business marketing and sales. He has been a member of the Aston Martin Owners Club since 1973 and served as competition director for AMOC EAST (USA and Canada), Area Representative, Membership Director, and Quarterly editor for North America. He now serves as vice-chairman and historian. He has published scores of articles on Aston Martin, and has spoken in Toronto, Boston and San Francisco on the creation of the DB4 and GT.

About the artists

PAUL SMITH is a British artist who has a passion for the classic car and classic motor sport, produces large paintings of scenes from famous races. The end papers for the book were specially commissioned and feature two of his works. Signed, limited edition prints of the paintings are also included in the portfolio to accompany the leather-bound Chassis Edition of The Aston Martin DB4GT.

JEREMY DICKINSON is an established British artist with an international reputation who has been commissioned to produce two paintings for Palawan. Signed limited edition prints of the paintings are included in the portfolio to accompany the leather-bound Chassis Edition of The Aston Martin DB4GT.



The Standard Edition - limited to just 300 copies, numbered 1 - 300. The book is beautifully bound in dark blue library buckram with two colour foil blocking on the front and spine and is presented in a slipcase encased in the same buckram with two colour foil blocking on the spine.

Book specifications:
Size: 340x290mm
Extent: 544pp
Binding: Hard back




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The Chassis Edition - The edition comprises 102 copies, numbered by the vehicle chassis numbers – DP199 (the Prototype), and 0101 to 0201. It is bound in blue-grey soft leather with a white roundel onlaid in leather blocked with the chassis number in black.

The book is presented in a beautiful solander box encased in dark blue and grey buckram with two-colour foil blocking, and an alimunium plaque engraved with the chassis number. A portfolio covered and lined in buckram is included, holding four signed, numbered limited edition prints by Jeremy Dickinson and Paul Smith.

Book specifications:
Book block same as the standard edition
Binding: Hard Back
Portfolio Size: 450x340mm
Prints size: 440x330mm
Solander box: 485x370mm




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