Nov 2018

The Bristol Aeroplane Company Car Division

The Bristol Aeroplane Company Car Division brings to you a truly breathtaking treasure-trove of archived photographs – the majority of which have never been seen before – in two limited editions.

There are 400 numbered copies of the the standard edition; a hardback book beautifully presented in a slipcase, delicately lined and encased in dark blue buckram with foil blocking on the front and spine.

The leather edition (pictured) offers even more exclusivity, with only 50 available. Each is hand-bound in stone-coloured leather with foil blocking. The book is housed in a lined Solander box encased in dark-blue buckram with foil blocking and accompanied by six stunning silver-gelatin limited edition prints – only available with the leather edition.

This book is a truly special collection of over 400 pages styled with photographs captured by Bristol’s in-house photographer Ted Ashman. Populated with running commentary by a consortium of experts from the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust, the book travels through the history of the first Bristol cars, bringing it alive as never before.

Take a look at the book in more detail here.